My Favourite 3 things to do at Epcot - Keys to the Magical Kingdom

My 3 Favourite Things at Epcot

I quite like writing these three favourite things articles.  They make me think about what I truly enjoy about a place rather than just trying to experience everything. Walt Disney World Epcot isn’t always high on my agenda of parks to visit. I often overlook this park because it doesn’t have all the rides and experiences like the other parks.  However, it is one of those places that grows on you. On our first trip we went once. On our second we didn’t bother to go and on our third we visited three times.

So here are my top three favourite things to do at Epcot:

Epcot’s Frozen Ride

Probably a good indication of why we visited Epcot this visit is down to the success of Frozen.  Many an hour has been spent in this household singing “Let it go”.  We were all very excited to visit this ride. We used a FastPass Plus, so we headed straight to the front of the queue. Given this is a new ride and Disney have been working extensively on enhancing the queue experience I think we might have missed a little of the magic by being able to get straight on the ride.

The ride itself is pretty magical. The animotronics have really improved and you can see it on this ride compared to some of the older versions at the Magic Kingdom.  The storyline is good so both girls were able to easily follow what was happening.  What’s not to like when your sharing a ride with Sven, Olaf, Ana and Elsa!

Sven from Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot – Keys to the Magical Kingdom

Epcot’s Baymax – Meet and Greet

Epcot is great for the unusual character experience and both of my girls are huge Baymax fans.  The queues to meet characters at this park are certainly smaller than the others.  Both of my girls are huge Baymax fans and they were beyond excited to realise they would get to meet him.  I was having a slight moment of terror as I was advised that they shouldn’t lean into Baymax or he would fall over.  Both girls of course launched themselves at him, fortunately he remained upright.  Why is this  my favourite experience at Epcot?  Well it is down to the smile on my four year olds face when she got to do the fist bump with Baymax. She still talks about it.

Fish and Chips at Epcot

Now this one might be a little embarrassing given that I live in the United Kingdom and I’m from New Zealand and both places pride themselves on their fish and chips.  But I love the fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. It’s a little side shop attached to the Rose and Crown Pub.  It is a really nice area of the park to visit – of course I would say this.  The seating is outside and I believe if you found the right seat that it would be a good spot to watch the fireworks from. It is also a good spot to listen to the live bands that play in the UK square across the path.

It was closed when we visited but Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure sounds like a great way to spend your time.  Friends who have completed this activity have said that it is a fun and interactive way to see the park.  It’s a problem solving hunt through the various Epcot destinations and each adventure lasts approx 30-40mins.  We’ve huge Phineas and Ferb fans but are yet to experience this attractions.

Ultimately what makes Epcot special is that there is something for everyone to experience.  Definitely a hidden gem or as Jafar once said the diamond in the rough.

That’s my top three, what are yours?


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