Should I Purchase My Walt Disney World Tickets Before Traveling?

Purchasing Walt Disney World Tickets

If your fortunate enough to be staying at a Disney Hotel then it’s likely you purchased your park tickets with this booking. Unfortunately that means this post is not for you.  So I will give you back 5 minutes of your day.

If you’re not staying in a Disney hotel then you might be thinking. Should I purchase my tickets before I go?  Well the short answer is – Yes.  It can be expensive to buy from the gates and there are good tickets deals to purchase here in the UK.  Also purchasing your tickets in advance means you can book your Fast Passes. When your spending so much money, you want to find a reputable company.  I remember the first time we brought Walt Disney World tickets and I only breathed a sign of relief when we went through the turnstiles.  With this in mind,  I would recommend purchasing from Attraction Tickets Direct.  Here are four reasons why:



1: Actual Tickets

You receive actual tickets which means no queuing at the entrance to change these on your first day. Let’s face it, you are going to be standing in a lot of queues this holiday and this is definitely one I would be keen to avoid.  So head straight from the Transportation centre to the turnstiles and into the Park where the magic really begins.

2: Benefit from their Expertise

Attraction Tickets Direct do exactly what the name suggest. They sell tickets to attractions around the world. They’ve been in the business for awhile which means that their staff are very knowledgable.  I’ve always been impressed with their prompt response and answers to any questions I’ve had pre trip.  I’m not even sure I should be sharing this secret but they write a good blog and I like nothing more than being kept up to date with all the Park news.

3: The Little Extras

In my mind this is a big plus, there is always an additional sweetener thrown in.  In the past we’ve received free dinner at Planet Hollywood (yes, one still exists!) and tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Both are found at Disney Springs.  We’ve even received free tickets to Legoland Florida.  I’ve also seen in the past, tickets to Blueman Group at Universal Studios, airboat rides and tickets to Gatorland.  Keep an eye out as these are constantly changing.

Also certain Disney tickets include a free Memory Maker. You can download and keep any photos taken by cast members at the Disney Parks and your ride photos. Handy if you plan on meeting lots of Disney characters.



4: Deposit Facility

Finally, they have a deposit facility.  This means you can pay your tickets off over time.  Once paid your tickets arrive promptly in a nice blue carry case. We used this facility for our latest trip because I wanted to secure tickets at 2016 prices but we weren’t sure when we were going.  This is a great option as it meant we secured the price giving us time to decide on the date.

Ultimately it’s up to you where and when you want to purchase your Disney World tickets but I would advise you buy them beforehand. I really like having all the expensive items paid for pre trip so I don’t think about how much it cost when we arrive.


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